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We here at GameVidsHQ like to provide a great service for all the members who register and upload to our site. Unfortunately, because of server cost and space, we have to make some small restrictions. The Plus Membership is a way to lift these restrictions, as well as get some bonus services!

If you subscribe to our service, you will receive:

  • Ads are hidden on the website.
  • Unlimited upload space
  • Unlimited video size
  • Videos will be featured on the front page so they will be more readily accessible. 
  • Videos will be more readily featured as the "editor's pick."
  • Videos will not be subject to "inactivity."
  • Advanced SEO will be in effect on your videos, receiving more hits from Google and other search engines.
  • More advanced functions such as being able to delete your videos, edit comments on your videos, etc.
  • Be able to add collections for your followers to access.
  • Ability to upload photos into a photo album on the site.
  • Will be represented as a special blue color on the site for everyone to see you are a Plus member.
  • Ability to pick from different templates for a different view of the site.
  • Suggestions from Plus members will be taken into high consideration; such as the adding of new video categories.
  • Ability to add your own channel(s).
  • Account won't be disabled because of inactivity.
  • Receive a personalized email account:
  • *NEW: Can download videos to your computer.
  • * NEW: Will receive special offers for new games such as discounts and strategy guides (via email).

There are a few more perks and we are definitely open to suggestions. We want to make the Plus Membership experience the best it could possibly be!

Please contact me in regards for more information. Information about refunds can be found in our Terms of ServiceNote: This is not considered a charitable donation.

Packages will be provided as follows:



1 month


6 months

$50 (save $10)

12 months

$90 (save $30)