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Ezreal Guide by a Semi-Competent Player


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I gotta apologize for the quality. Couldn’t upload it at any higher without it being too large.
A few things I didn’t note in the video.
Never tried it. Supposedly, it’s stronger late and weaker early. It seems like if you were going that route theres other people you could be, but I guess it works for some people. The build goes something like
sheen->deathcap->lich bane
With Ez, play as aggressive as possible. Watch the other lanes for times to ult. Your main goal should be demoralizing the other team enough that they surrender at ~20. Late game, try to focus on supporting your team while debuffing the enemies (vayne and kog are especially hurt by his w).
This is situational, so I’ll try to list some of that come to mind.
BLOODTHIRSTER-Pretty much core
TRINITY-Pretty much core
BRUTALIZER-If they’re tanky
LAST WHISPER-If they’re really tanky
WRIGGLES-If your taking damage/getting ganked early
BLACK CLEAVER-If you have either 2 other ad champs or 1 fed ad champ on your team
INFINITY EDGE-A good item to pick up if the game starts to go long, but I don’t recommend rushing it because your q can’t crit, and that’s alot of your damage early. Not to mention it sets you back abit.
PHANTOM DANCER-You don’t need attack speed on Ez. With Trinity+your passive, you’ll get more than enough attack speed.
WARMOGS+ATMAS-If your team is really bad and you need to live. As in "Possibly brain damaged" bad.
GUARDIAN ANGEL-Well rounded defensive stats, and the passive makes people less likely to target you. Not a bad item overall.
BANSHEE’S-Good on him, same as everyone else.
THORNMAIL-If they have alot of AD, this is good. Otherwise, it’s just a wasted item to fix a problem positioning could probably solve.
HEXDRINKER-Never used it, but theoretically speaking, it should be a good item against mages early on.
Support+DPS bot
I prefer to mid with him, but since this is more common nowadays, I should probably mention it. The better supports for him are Janna(free AD and a knockup) and Taric(Free armor and a stun). Just like at mid, play aggressive. The big difference here is that it’ll take longer, since one of them is going to heal back your damage. Just keep hitting them and they’ll run out of mana-It costs them more to heal than it costs you to Q.
"gettysburg" by "Ratatat"

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